Welcome to Teodoro Brothers Custom Woodworking located in Gurnee Illinois

Our workshop specializes in traditional carpentry and fine craftsmanship. We craft our staircases, cabinetry and furniture by hand with close attention to detail, tailoring each piece to suit your needs and offering you comprehensive advice along the way. We use only the finest materials when crafting your project.


With Teodoro Brothers Stairs the customer has the luxury of dealing with the same person throughout the entire process of their project. From the esimate to completion.  Which means no lost details or information, no run around, and most imporant to us is that the person selling you the product is also the person that makes it and installs it.



Check out our website to learn more and see for yourself the high quality of work we offer. Let our master carpenters design your staircase, cabinetry or furniture to meet your specific needs. To contact us with special requests, please use our online form.

About us

We take pride in our many satisfied customers and are committed to doing our best work every day.  From choosing materials to hand-crafting staircases, cabinets and furniture, our professional work and expert advice is backed by many years of experience. We will readily incorporate your ideas and needs into each project.


To find out more about us and how we can make your furniture and cabinetry dreams a reality, click below.


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What We Do

We can assist you in all facets of your carpentry needs. From repairs to furniture design and construction, you'll find our quality to be second to none. Look to Teodoro Brothers Stairs & Custom Carpentry for remodeling, restorations, extensions, custom modifications and much more.


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